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I never knew you did that!

Do you know what your employees do when they are not at work? It may just make your employees work days more meaningful, more likely to stay and dramatically boost productivity.

Air Sea Rescue - Credit: Jim Crawford

Bumping into an old friend

I love it when I bump into people I have not seen in a long time. Today I met an old friend and you know the drill, you catch up quickly asking the same questions: How's life?; You working away?; Do you still speak to people we both know?; What are you working at these days etc. From my short conversation I found out my friend was in sales, but was bored of his job, looking for other opportunities. His company are struggling at the moment - they cant keep up with demand and are having trouble hiring people for certain roles.

As the conversation progressed, out of curiosity I had asked him why he was wearing waterproof clothes on a sunny Sunday? What came next was a bit of a shock, he explained that he volunteered as a coast guard with RNLI. Captivated at this point I started asking him what type of things he had to do.

He explained that he was on call for emergency response, saving people in distress at sea, maintains the equipment and boats, leads a community education programme and helps out fund raising.

My mind is racing over the types of skills this fella is using: leadership; compassion; fund raising; teaching; reactivity; communication; problem solving; equipment maintenance - the list goes on.

I asked him, does his employer know what he does in his spare time, more to the point do they put those skills to good use? His answer was shocking but common, "they know I do it, but sure I don't need any of those skills for my job" .

I started to explain a little about what we are doing at Upskill Enterprise with TalentSensus and I got the response from him that I get from a lot of people I speak to "I wish our place was using TalentSensus, I have so much I could be helping them with, but they don't care".

What valuable skills are hidden in your company?

The simple science is - if you get people doing things they love, they are going to do it well and be happy. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. We spend a lot of money looking for the right skills outside, when the solution to our problems could be right under our nose.

Our first problem is - we don't always know what we need. The second - we don't know what we have already got!

Imagine being able to do a full skills audit - both of the skills available to you, but also fully understanding your short, medium and long term skills gaps. Imagine finding somebody in your company who is doing remarkable things at the weekends, who's skills could turn your company around - whilst also making them feel fulfilled.

What hidden talents are waiting to be used instantly in your company?

Find out how we can help you uncover these skills with ease and without breaking the bank. https://www.upskillenterprise.com/employer

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