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What we do

We help companies overcome the inertia of traditional HR processes with TalentSensus, an online, intuitive and multidimensional talent management tool for visualizing current and future skills beyond the conventional organizational chart.

Talent Retention

Now that you have built your perfect team, keep them! Easy access to upskilling opportunities, employee engagement tools & much more

Talent Acquisition

Save time and money. Our TalentPool identifies candidates based on a skills match algorithm, moving the most qualified matches forward quickly!


The need for your team to have multiple skill sets is essential in this Modern Workforce. We identify skills gaps so that training isnt just for the sake of training

What does this mean?

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About Us

In 2015 a passion for recognition of people in society and the challenge of making global improvements to the labor market drove the formation of Upskill Enterprise.  Instantly winning ground breaking projects using skills innovations Upskill Enterprise started making a real impression on the world.                     

We want to change the, seriously! The labor market and our skills system is the lynchpin of civil society, and its broken. We aim to revolutionise the way data informs our worlds labor market by listening and supporting those who make our economies a success. 

Our TalentSensus technology brings what normally is an expensive management consultancy service to the masses at an affordable cost. We put you in charge of your data, in real-time! No need to wait 6 months on a report which will be out of date as soon as its delivered. Connect with your workforce today and see what skills are hidden in your teams.






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